Track Split Workouts in Apple Health

Split Workouts can be integrated with Apple Health. Here's how!

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What are High Density Workouts?

If you're looking to get stronger and leaner faster, high density workouts are for you. You may even save on time you spend at the gym.

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Increase VO2 Max Without Cardio Training

A personal journey to improving VO2 max by focusing on weightlifting instead of cardio.

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High density workouts allow you to make the most of limited training times. Your goal is to do as many reps as you can before the time runs out. This forces you to stay focused, work harder and more efficiently.

  • Workout Structure

    Workout Structure

    Each workout consists of two equally timed blocks, each containing two excercises.

  • Reps Goal Icon

    Reps Goal

    Your initial goal is based on the number of reps you can do the first time you complete a workout. Reps automatically adjust after that.

  • Weight Increase Icon

    Weight Goal

    Once you beat your reps goal by the specified percentage, the weight will automatically increase and the reps goal will reset.

Split Worktouts Screenshots
  • Unlimited Workouts Icon

    Unlimited Workouts

    You can create unlimited workouts. The key is to pair upper and lower body or push and pull excercises in each block. (ex: push-ups and squats)

  • Guided Timer Icon

    Guided Timer

    Racing the clock forces you to work harder, and faster. And Split Workouts timer helps you track your progress more efficiently.

  • Fully Customizable Icon

    Fully Customizable

    You pick your excercises, workout times, break times, weight and reps auto-increments, and more.

Split Worktouts Screenshots

Guided Timer

After you've configured your workouts and settings, it's time to get the best workout possible before the time runs out. Here's how Split Workouts timer works.

  • Countdown Check


    Once you press play, the countdown will start. This is to help you get your weights and get in the position to get going.

  • Workout Time Check

    Workout Time

    When racing a clock it's easy to forget which exercise you've just completed and which one to do next. Split Workouts timer highlights the next move for you.

  • Rest Time Check

    Rest Time

    Once the first block is completed, you'll have couple of miniutes break. Split Workouts shows you which excercises are coming up so you can get ready for them.

  • Reps Goal Check

    Reps Goal

    As you enter reps you can easily see how close you are to your goal. Use that to help you change the intensity of your workout.

  • Workout Notes Check

    Workout Notes

    After the workout is completed you have an option to add notes.

  • Next Up Check

    Next Up

    As soon as you're done, Split Workouts will highlight the next workout in your queue.

  • Easy Timer Settings Check

    Easy Timer Settings

    Specify workout times, break times, and countdowns.

  • Reps Goal Setting Check

    Reps Goal Setting

    Before increasing the weight, you need to be able to increase your reps by a percentage that you speficy. Your initial goal is based on the number of reps you can do at a particular weight the first time you complete a workout block.

  • Auto Weight Increments Check

    Auto Weight Increments

    Once you beat your reps goal by the specified percentage, the weight will automatically increase by the amount you specify. Zero (0) weight is considered "body weight" and will not auto increment

  • KG or LB Check

    KG or LB

    You can easily specify the measurement units.

  • History Data Check

    History Data

    You can easily review your progress by visiting the History tab. See totals, notes, charts, and your overall progress. BTW, if needed, you can make edits to some of the historical data.

  • Stay on Track Check

    Stay on Track

    The home screen shows you an overview of recently completed workout, and more importantly, how long has it been since you've completed your last workout.

You're in Control

While Split Workouts can't do your workouts for you, it can help you more efficiently configure, complete, and track them.

Split Worktouts Screenshots
Split Worktouts Screenshots

Reach your fitness goals faster. Start using Split Workouts today.

Split Workouts can easily help you get started on your journey to achieving your fitness goals. Setting it all up takes only a few minutes.

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Split Workouts home screen keeps you on track

The home screen highlights your last workout as well as provides you with access to managing your workouts.

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Download Split Workouts today to see the benefits and enjoy the results faster than with any other app out there

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Split Worktouts Screenshots

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